Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Swatch Files: Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl

This is a PR sample that I have had for a only came to my attention properly the other day when I was sorting through my makeup stash.  The actual clearance took me about four hours (I only have one drawer of makeup) because I was watching my favourite series of Blackadder and swatching as I went.

I ended up throwing away only three items.  The rest are waiting to be doled out to cousins/people at work.

Anyway, you want swatches of Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl and I have them!
I like the fact that it has a lid guard on it so if  you accidentally turn it, the product is captured so you can use it later.  It swatches well on Indian skin which is something that a lot of Benefit products struggle to do.

This retails for £24.50 and can be bought from the Benefit site.


  1. I like that it swatches well on your skin - increases its chances of working on me!

  2. This is so good for everyday wear!!!

  3. Wow, a Benefit product that works for WOCs? That's almost an oxymoron :| Haha but seriously, I'm glad for you! Their crappy shade range pisses me off and I'm barely even a medium skintone.

    ANYWAY, this looks gorgeous and I always swatch it when I'm near a counter because the nozzle thingo amuses me. :D

  4. Ki: Yep, it should do! I didn't thin it would do much to me as it was pinky on the original swatch but it blends out to a really nice golden sheen.

    Gauri: I tend to put it under my eyebrow arch for everyday wear but if you're going out at night you could use it on your cheeks too.

    SilhouetteScreams: Lol, I know right? I used to be so anti-Benefit as NOTHING really went well with darker skintones. The nozzle is fun, I spent too long fiddling around with it. Their lipglosses are quite pigmented too actually..


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