Wednesday, 8 June 2011

L.A. Colors Top Coat

One of my biggest problems with nail polish is that it never lasts on my toenails.  I bite my (finger) nails so toes are the only thing I can really paint.  I only paint them when wearing peep toe shoes/flip flops or if my toes will be on show.

The nail polish begins chipping after the first wear of a pair of shoes and that used to frustrate me no end.  You know what I mean.  You paint your toes, wear shoes..taken them off and BAM!! Chip central..and not the good kind of chips either.  Those I could live with.

I bought the LA Colors Top Coat guessed it, Beauty Base yet again although this time I was on my own so was free to browse for as long as I wanted.

I only got it out a few weeks ago as I thought Summer had arrived and that it was time to get my feet out.

For those of you with a foot fetish, I'll let you know now that my feet will never grace this blog so you might want to look somewhere else for your fix of brown trotters.

I can't vouch for how long/well this lasts on your fingers because I don't paint them.  However, I do have toenail news and views.  I applied it on a Saturday afternoon, traipsed around Western International market on a rainy Sunday, kept my feet in court shoes all week and my polish didn't chip at all.  I even had a 45 minute soak and my polish didn't slide off.

I thought that top coats would be thick and gloopy but this is really nice to apply.  You do need to let your polish dry before you put this on but you don't need much of it to cover a nail.  It spreads really well and it does dry quickly.  And you don't get streaks which is always a plus.

It doesn't have the typical nail polish smell to it but I can't say if that's what all top coats smell like as this is the first one I've used.

Here's what it looks like over polish, you can't really see a difference but then you're not really meant to, are you?
You can't ask for much more, especially considering it was only 99p! 

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  1. Great review, the staying power sounds amazing, just what I need. Can't believe it was only 99p!

    Amy xxx


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